Because we are them.
We are curiously, optimistically—and
sometimes painfully—human.

In The Beginning
So where does this all start? When at age 13, Sara Fahim was given a book, Women Who Run With the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. However, beyond a cursory glance, the book’s power remained untapped until decades later when a deep longing for independence in her career brought her back to its pages. In a snapshot that does not do Ms. Estes justice, the stories within reintroduce women to their own powerful force—good instincts, passionate creativity and ageless knowing.

Using that old, creased book as a source of inspiration, we created Run With The Wolves. And here we are today, a consultancy dedicated to the following:

  1. Working always with heart, humor and honesty.
  2. The unassailable truth that every human has a story to tell and an idea to share.

Welcome. Please have a look around.

Sara Fahim

Sara is a strategy and research consultant with 15 years experience in advertising, consulting and research across 2 continents. She designs and implements full-service solutions for companies looking to change the way they think about their consumers. Much to her father’s chagrin, the second word she remembers saying (over and over again) was ‘Why?’ and that word drives her to this day. In addition to being a daily practice, empathy is a core expertise she applies in her approach to companies.

Sara’s professional background is as diverse as her personal one – born to multicultural parents and fluent in Arabic, she has advised brands across the globe and across industries from retail to beauty to finance, telecom and media. She has a knack for connecting dots and inspiring others with the stories she uncovers. Sharp-witted and a mean cook, in her spare time she chases delights in the everyday, live music whenever possible, and full-belly laughter in the company of whole-hearted people.

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