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Be Relatable.

Beyond predictable pre-boxed bias and inclusion training, our empathy-focused programs are tailored to your company and built to teach teams to relate [to each other] and be relatable [to your audience].

Through techniques developed to foster trust, respect and understanding, you’ll find that working better together leads to better work.

More specifically, we help with

Empathy Training
Learn to communicate with compassion and concern, both from colleague-to-colleague and company-to-audience

Inclusion & Diversity Training
Find your most cohesive and effective team through techniques developed to foster trust, respect and understanding between all in the workplace.

Who we help

Who is empathy for? Everyone. But it is especially essential for teams like the ones listed here to function and communicate at their best.

Executive Teams

Leadership Departments

Marketing Groups

Human Resources

Creative Departments

Content Creators & Storytellers


A Broadcasting Company

The Situation
Newsrooms began to hear through our research that viewers couldn’t connect with them and that communities were not faring better as a result of their reporting. Realizing that they wouldn’t be able to change behavior within newsrooms with data alone, Scripps needed a new way to understand their viewers and their work.

The Ask

The ability to understand news viewers in order to reimagine local news offerings and approach.

The Approach

Deep Anthropological Research to get to know news viewers—not just habits, but their lives, hopes, dreams, fears, core motivators and the things that make their days. 

Empathy Training was conducted in order to help the team observe and synthesize the findings from this completely new research approach. The training was designed to help them understand how empathy helps people feel connected and understood, in addition to how to observe body language and engage in empathic conversations.


The Success
This research resulted in a brand new station used as a beta for digital content now used throughout the organization. The training had such a big impact on how the team understood the negative impact lack of empathy had on their viewers that an initiative to take the training across all the stations was launched.

“RWTW brings two extraordinary skills together — outstanding group coaching and facilitation along with pragmatic, well-researched, game-changing content. Using engaging, interactive exercises and honest, straightforward lessons, [the training] drives home an understanding of how empathy works and . . . using that information, attendees easily move forward using empathic story-telling as their new standard for reaching new and existing customers.”

Kevin Benz, Principal i-media Strategies

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