Beyond just
data, we
collect stories.

Almost universally, our collective headspace has become cluttered. A result of this is that so much of consumer-targeted content has become white noise. How can you learn to cut through to your audience? To speak so that you will be heard? By listening. That’s where we come in.

More specifically, we help with

Foundational Research
Before the first brainstorm, define your goals and any obstacles that stand in the way of you achieving them.

Audience Definition
Identify who you’re talking to by understanding who is listening now and who might be willing to start.

Ethnographic Research
Bored with focus groups? Uncover whole human truths by looking beyond data with our unique brand of marketing anthropology.

Brand Positioning
Stand out from the crowd by understanding what your customer is looking for and presenting that consistent snapshot of your brand to them.

Shopper Motivations
Relate to your customers where they are through an understanding of their own stories. Use those insights to inspire action.

Staying Relevant
Be ahead of trends by continuing to check-in and listen.

Who we help

We are experts in whole human research. By listening to your consumers outside of the confines of focus groups, in their daily lives and in their own words, we are able to uncover insights and truths that will guide your content through today’s crowded airspace.

R&D Departments


Product & Content Developers

Marketing Professionals

Research Groups

Consumer Insights Specialists


Full-Service Agency


Local News Station

The Situation
A local Denver, CO news channel that sat squarely in the bottom 5 in terms of ratings without the ability to even get remembered within the top 3 local news sources.

The Ask

To be positioned as one of the top 3 stations.

The Approach

Empathy Training for the core news & analytics team to change the way they approached stories and to prepare them for a different kind of research.

Deep Anthropological Research to understand the unspoken needs and motivations of news viewers in Denver. This included immersing ourselves in their lives, daily behaviors, habits and attitudes and to understand the context within which news lives.

Insight-Driven Ideation Session to build on the insights uncovered in research and explore, develop and refine brand positioning ideas and topics for the station to focus on.

Idea Testing the top 3 ideas from the session qualitatively to gauge interest, understanding and passion around ideas and a final brand repositioning idea was chosen.

The Success

Since its rebrand and its commitment to addressing the needs of Denver residents based on RWTW learnings, the station averages between 2nd and 3rd in ratings.

“[RWTW] is not afraid to ask the tough questions that lead to bigger and better ideas and excellence in execution.”

Cindy Costa, YUM Brands

Strategy & Solutions

Now that you’ve gotten to know the people you’re talking to, what are you going to say?

Insights into Action