From insights
to innovation.

Research results can come in all shapes and sizes, in all figures and forms. You may have data in hand, or perhaps we can help mine some. From there, what we’ll help you turn all of those findings into tangible ideas that consumers will be interested in.

More specifically, we help with

Distilling Quant Research
So you’ve already done some research? Build a compelling human narrative out of those numbers.

Strategic Planning
Create an action plan that specifies who, how and with what your company will reach target customers.

Creative Concepting
Insights are only as good as the storytelling that will reveal them. Show your audience you know them through brilliant creative execution.

Message Crafting
Know the difference between what you want to say and what your audience wants to hear—and find the sweet spot where those things overlap.

Product Development & Creation
Develop the right product that’s missing from your consumers’ lives.

New Product Launch
Introduce them to that product in a way that reminds them it was missing.

Who we help

Once the listening phase is finished, the time has arrived for planning and action. Does this sound like the tipping point where you are? We’ve collaborated with professionals like you and companies like yours at this very stage.

R&D Departments


Product & Content Developers

Marketing Professionals

Research Groups



Upscale national casual dining chain

The Situation
The internal team puts together an annual BIG Idea Deck intended to inform the marketing calendar for that year and beyond.

The Ask
To help the team deliver a collection of products, promotions and ideas against the calendar’s 10 promotional windows. This meant generating at least 30 ideas to test and launch at various times throughout the year.

The Approach
Insight Curation about the brand, the consumer and the organizational needs in partnership with the CMO and marketing team. This led us to design an Ideation Session that would strategically address the business needs.

An Ideation Session to populate the BIG Idea Deck planned and facilitated with 25 participants—cross functional team members and members of the organization at all levels of leadership.

RWTW designed various exercises and facilitated discussions both in-person and virtually. Previously the BIG Idea Deck had been filled with ideas from within the department with little outside input. This was the first time in a long time that an outside agency was used to generate the content.

The Success
The BIG Idea deck was well-received with several concepts making it onto the national calendar. Included was the plan to launch the new wine list via the newly-created Food and Wine Festival. The Festival became a highlight of the year and ultimately helped to launch the new wine list with a +8% in sales increase.

“Brilliant at bringing forward-thinking approaches to the table, breaking them down into manageable pieces and keeping project teams focused on the end result.”

Karmiko Burton, Taco Bell

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Our secret sauce isn’t a secret—it’s humans connecting to humans. We can teach you how.

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